America is nation of laws and there's plenty of room do better. It's true - our criminal justice system needs a lot of work.


From redesigning sentencing laws, to controlling private prisons, to rehabilitation rather than retribution and reducing disenfranchisement, I'll work tirelessly to pass the comprehensive bipartisan restorative justice reform that's needed. 



Mandatory minimum sentencing is fundamentally unjust. On top of that, judges are hired to judge - let them do their jobs. When elected, I'll work to reshape mandatory minimum federal sentencing guidelines.


By any modern standard, our punitive-focused judicial system is archaic (at best). It's also criminally wasteful of your taxes. But, most importantly, it wastes incalculable amounts of human potential.

Not only are too many Americans in prison, after they've served their sentences, too many lack the skills to get work and contribute to our community and the economy as they (and we) want.

Opportunities and preparedness reduce crime. I'm committed to helping businesses in our district grow and while in Congress, I'll work to get people in prison training that will allow them to contribute in positive ways when they're released.



Many mechanisms are currently in place that continue to punish people even after they've repaid their debt to society. But, as far as I'm concerned, a deal is a deal. So, among other things, I'll work to restore the voting rights of nonviolent offenders upon their release.


Collectively, we understand that a prison system is needed. And, since we enact them, we're responsible for them, not private businesses.

It's true - private prisons are financially incentivized to have as many people locked up for as long as possible. That's why I'll sponsor legislation to abolish private prisons and enhance oversight of state and federal prisons administered by appropriate government agencies.

You should vote for me because my restorative justice initiatives will help prevent crime, keep people from returning to prison, save you money, and make our district an even better place to live.