Gerrymandering has politicians choosing voters; it's the antithesis of democracy

When I started my campaign, no race or ethnicity of eligible voters made up more than 50% of TX-22. However, recent GOP gerrymandering has made TX-22 a white majority. And, the fact that it's been intentionally re-drawn this way is more than a little problematic. It’s true – people didn’t move in and out of TX-22, TX-22 moved around people. But, As a result of GOP gerrymandering, TX-22's Black eligible voter population dropped by 5%, its Asian eligible voter population dropped by 6%, and its white eligible voter population increased from 46% to 54% overnight! Think of it this way... In 2020, TX-22 voted 49.7% for Trump and 48.8% for President Biden. So, Trump won TX-22 in 2020 by just 0.9%. However if this new map had been in place at the time, Trump would have won TX-22 by a whopping 16.1%! In other words, because TX-22 had become more more racially diverse (with more Democratic voters), the GOP re-drew the District. It's clear they did it because they know if they don't change the rules of the game, they won't stay in power. No matter how much the GOP claims their redrawing of districts isn’t racist, TX-22 is a demonstration that it is. Voter fraud isn’t a thing. Gerrymandering is how the GOP is actually stealing elections. It’s anti-democratic and anti-American. They know it and unfortunately, too many people in TX-22 know and support it as well. With all this written, they can't keep backpedaling forever. Eventually, their anti-democracy options will run out. So, realize we're in this for the long-haul and together, we'll help restore democracy and make TX-22 the diverse, thriving district we deserve.

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