It's true: studies show that areas with low unemployment, high household income, highly-educated homeowners, and access to ample amenities are the primary reasons neighborhoods like ours have low crime rates - not because of a sheriff.



As someone who comes from a military family, have no doubt, I love our military women and men. I'm just saying Armed Forces experience may not be the most pertinent qualification for this job because Congress isn't a military institution and congresswomen/congressmen lead citizens, not soldiers. So, governing communities with a military "command and control" leadership style is at best ineffective and at worst, dangerous. Still, some candidates will tout their military and policing experience.

According to Sheriff Nehls' own website, since taking over as sheriff, crime was down in Fort Bend County: 

- Burglaries by 60%

- Aggravated assaults by 27%

- Robberies by 31%

Of course, I'm glad the sheriff's department has less work on its hands but, ​don't be fooled - crimes don't go down in areas because law enforcement is a demonstrable deterrent. In fact, it goes down because people, businesses, and the local economy are succeeding.

In addition, pre-existing values are part of how people work. And, since there's no way to preemptively excise them, biases brought to systems of power can harm whole communities of people. In other words, former military and police force experience virtually guarantees a command and control leadership style while ensuring virtually no improvements in police accountability or reform. And, without demonstrable police reform and accountability, there will be no improvement when it comes to social justice.

The best way to keep Texas' 22nd Congressional District safe and make strides with social justice issues is to put a business-experienced congressman in the seat. So, let the sheriff be a sheriff while the rest of us grow our businesses and the economy - because that's what actually helps keep our neighborhoods safe.

The bottom line is that it's past time for modern, inclusive, non-military leadership from TX-22. That's what I'll provide.


Don't forget, Nehls demonstrated his die hard support of Trump's toxic leadership and anti-democracy stance by supporting the objection of the 2020 electoral count. Seriously, WTF?