I've spent the better part of my career in the energy industry here in Houston. So, I know from first-hand experience just how important the sector is. And, I don't just want to protect conventional oil and gas jobs, I want to usher in all kinds of organizations (including sustainable and renewable energy companies) because when it comes to jobs, diversification is key and more is better.



Even though vaccines are in distribution, now is not the time to let our guard down. Wearing a mask, social distancing, and conducting our work knowing that COVID-19 is an ever-present threat will be our modus operandi for 2021.

Nonetheless, it's going to be an exciting year. It's going to be a year of recovery, rebuilding, planning, preparation, and hope. In short, it's going to be a crucial year and we need strong, experienced business leadership to help launch us into the future.

As your congressman, I'll work day and night to put hard-working Houstonians back on the job and provide as many high-paying, new positions as possible.



The hard truth is, when it comes to the future of energy and energy industry jobs, if we focus all our efforts on fighting for what made us successful in the past, we'll be left behind.

The good news is that no one is more qualified and better equipped than Houstonians to take on the challenges of the future of the energy. We know the business, what's at stake, and have the experience and knowledge that's needed to lead the future of energy. And, I can tell you from many years of personal experience, nobody cares more about the environment than Houstonians who work in the energy industry.

For these reasons and more, I'll do everything in my power to convince all kinds of new, sustainable, and alternate energy companies to join us in Houston as well - I want those jobs coming here, not California.


Houston is home to a healthcare industry that's known throughout the world. I'll work hand-in-hand with leadership in healthcare organizations to make sure we keep that hard-earned reputation in tact and stay on top. 



I'll work tirelessly to hire the best teachers, administrators, and support staff throughout our district.


In fact, I want our schools to be known nation-wide as a district that has world-class facilities and employs, compensates, and retains the best of the best in education. Not only will our kids be better-educated for the challenges of our ever-changing world, better schools, teachers, and administrators provide the best return on investment possible for our local economy, property values, and so much more.


You should vote for me because my initiatives around jobs and the economy will help you save money, make money, and save time. It's true - my work on your behalf will make our district an even better place to live.