Like many of us, a big reason we chose to live where we live is because of its stellar school system. It's true - not only do our kids get a world-class education, unlike with most school districts, they're prepared to succeed in college. 



As someone who worked for Region 4 Education Service Center and is married to a former Katy ISD teacher, you won't find a stronger advocate for our schools, teachers, administrators, and support staff - they're some of the best in the country!

With your vote, two primary education-specific issues I'll focus on will be:

  • Increasing teacher, administrator, and support staff pay

  • Reducing classroom overcrowding

In addition, I'll work to end teachers teaching to a test.

I also firmly believe adding new schools, making the ones we have even better, and attracting (and retaining) the best-of-the-best teachers, administrators, and support staff is key to our district's continued growth.

It's true - when we invest in our schools, more affluent families with great kids will choose to live in District 22. In turn, that increases property values, strengthens the local economy, and improves all of our quality of life. In short, new schools (and even stronger current schools) provide a return on investment like nothing else.

When elected, I'll work to add at least one brand new primary or secondary school in our district every year while making infrastructure improvements to current schools. In addition, no one will be a greater supporter of educators, administrators, and support staff and I'll work tirelessly to get them the best compensation and benefits packages possible.