It's going to come down to one vote -


Vote for Squires

A vote for me is a vote for a Dem who get things done. And even though it seems like that should make for a large margin of victory, it won't. In fact, I believe I'll win the honor of being your representative in Congress by just one vote.


So, be sure to vote for me in the primaries in 2022;
I really believe your vote will be the one that wins it!

For Congress 2022




I'm not a career politician, from New York, or a former sheriff. And, while some will try to say I'm "anti-military", that's simply not true.

Fact is, I'm proud to come from a military family. My grandfather retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Air Force. My dad married one of the colonel's daughters at Westover Air Force Base and served in Korea. I have an Uncle who served in the U.S. Army (Vietnam), and another who retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. So, yeah, I have nothing but respect for our best officers and veterans.

That being said, Congress isn't a military institution; it's an institution for the people. So, although military experience may be valuable when commanding and controlling soldiers, when it comes to leading the rest of us U.S. citizens... not so much.

More importantly, I'm a Democrat who wants to help make your life better. I want to make sure you're not taxed more. I want you to earn more and have job security. I want your kids to get a world-class education. I want to keep your neighborhood safe without it being a police state. I want your family to have access to outstanding healthcare. I want you to be able to practice your faith. And, I want to work together to implement policies that address the toughest issues; the ones that will benefit our children, and our children's children.

These are just a handful of reasons I want to represent you in Texas' 22nd District. In short, when I'm elected your congressman I'll partner with you to help you live your life to the fullest rather than being under someone else's command. 


"I've worked with Jim and know from personal experience that he provides creative, inclusive leadership. I'm telling all my friends, family and colleagues I'm voting for Jim - and I think they should, too."

Kristy B.

Business Professional, Wife, Mom, Friend, Advocate